A lot of people made this possible, but I have to give a special shout-out to my amazing camera department who were nothing but straight up professionals!
Production Manager - Brian Worster
Producer - Blake Raymond 
Video Director - Greg McKinney
Live Video Director/Technical Director - Stephen Early 
DP - John David Wright 
Lighting Designer - Griffin McCravy 
Camera Operators -
Adam Edwards 
Zach McDaniel 
Elijah Klein 
Ethan Milner 
Chip Burns 
Evan Keller 
Jordan Fisher 
Jib Operator - Brian Irwin 
1st AC -
DJ Dittenhoefer 
2nd AC - Nic Talley 
Dolly Grips - Jon Champion & Mike Falco 
Media Manager / Archivist - John Tompkins

Supervising Editor - John David Wright 
Additional Editor - Chip Burns 
Color - John David Wright 
Cameras/Lenses - Canon USA Pro Video
Camera Support - PC&E, Adorama Rentals 
G&E - Champion Lighting and Grip
BTS Photos - David Lundgren & Ryan Campbell
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